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With the growing impacts of physical inactivity costing the UK economy £7.4bn, the Workplace Challenge is a free online tool which promotes a more active lifestyle which will ultimately lead to a healthier and more productive workforce. 

Encouraging your employees to engage in this challenge will help demonstrate a concern for their wellbeing and a culture that encourages time away from the desk. Aimed at organisations across England this is a FREE challenge for you and your business to get active! 

It’s simple to get involved, just encourage your employees to sign up for free at

To find out more about physical inactivity and the benefits to business of a healthy and active workforce please see the following page from one of our partners, the British Heart Foundation;

The Workplace Challenge also involves.....

Workplace Competitions - Fun, social competitions in a mixture of sports, no experience necessary. Find details regarding our upcoming competitions here.

Workplace Challenge Champion training – In addition to the challenges, in partnership with the British Heart Foundation, the Workplace Challenge is coordinating Workplace Challenge Champion training sessions on how to improve the health & wellbeing of your organisation’s workforce! Can you identify a Workplace Challenge Champion to gain valuable resources and support to help improve the lives of your colleagues?

For more information and to discuss how we can help you to increase participation in sport and physical activity at your workplaces please contact

Remember, any sport, physical activity or active travel contributes towards the recommended #150minutes a week.

To find local activities in Berkshire take a look at our activity finder

'Take the Stairs' resources
Free downloadable posters designed to encourage employees to use the stairs.
Download posters here

Workplace Challenge Reports

New Year Activity Log Challenge Summary (2014)
New Year Activity Log Challenge Summary (2015)
New Year Activity Log Challenge Summary (2016)
Step Counting Challenge Summary (May 2016)
Shake Up September Summary (2016)

 Offers for your workplace and info:


GBA Quotes

  • "The Workplace Challenge website has provided us with a great tool to monitor miles travelled and keeps motivation levels up as individuals can see how much their colleagues have contributed to the distance" Anna, Brookside Group Practice
  • "This colleague shared details of her prize with the rest of the team at our training afternoon and explained how she wasn’t convinced about accepting it because she’d never climbed before, but had now decided she wanted to give it a shot" Anna, Brookside Group Practice

GBA Stats & Facts

  • Over 35,000 Over 35,000 individuals from more than 6,000 workplaces across England have taken part so make sure your business is involved