Get Berkshire Active have teamed up with Podium Partners, a crowdfunding platform designed to benefit those playing and involved in sport and physical activity.

Podium Partners is unique in that donations made through the platform can attract Gift Aid, turning a £100 donation into £115 for the project. Which means if you are an individual, club or other organisation looking for funding (and you're not registered for Gift Aid yourself) it is the only crowdfunding platform where you will receive more than was originally donated!


Who can set up a campaign?

Any person or organisation where the purpose of the campaign is to educate, develop and improve those taking part through sport and physical activity. In practice this could mean an athlete looking for help with training costs, a wheelchair basketball team needing new equipment or a nordic walking group for the over 60's who need an instructor.


How successful can the crowdfunding platform be?

 The crowdfunding platform has proven to be a success already with thousands of pounds being raised in Berkshire alone. It is simple to set up a campaign, and you can make your page as personal as you wish with the opportunity to add pictures, videos and blogs. 

Bracknell Bees Ice Hockey Club ran a campaign in 2016, which is a great example of the success that can be achieved. The club ran into financial difficulties and were nearly faced with closure of the club, after 30 years of competing at the top level. The Bees' Podium Partners campaign raised almost £8,000 and played a huge part in saving the club. Watch the video below to find out more about the 'Save the Bees' campaign.


For more information please visit the Podium Partners crowdfunding website.

If you want to discuss this opportunity, please contact Jon McCann


Phone: 01628 472 851