This Girl Can Ambassador: Karen Ward

Wednesday, 2 Nov 2016

This Girl Can


I have always been interested in being healthy – activity and food.  However I have often failed to stay healthy.  You’ve heard of the phrase yoyo dieter?  Well that’s me – but also I’ve been a yoyo exerciser.


I was convinced that exercise was causing panic attacks – it was only last year that I discovered those panic attacks were in fact exercise induced asthma attacks. 


So to celebrate the discovery that with proper medical support I can do anything that involves breathing properly - I have embarked on a marathon (literally) challenge by signing up to do the Virgin London Marathon in 2017 on behalf of Asthma UK.  I have been shocked by the amount of people (including so called professionals within the NHS) that have told me I can’t do it because I have Asthma.  Jo Pavey and Paula Radcliffe do all right and they’re both asthmatic!


I have also been amazed by the number of women around my age who have said ‘well I couldn’t possibly do that – I'm too old to start now'.  Well actually no you're not and yes you can. I feel so much more confident in my health and my ability – I even did a bungee jump this summer! Something I was too much of a wimp to do 25 years ago!!


I started with a couch to 5K last year - and have gone on from there. I won't say its been easy – some days (usually wet ones) I would even do the ironing rather than go out for my 30 minutes. Have a look at my blog for inspiration!!


So my focus for being a This Girl Can Ambassador is more This WOMAN Can. There appears to be lots of support for younger women, but how about us?


If this asthmatic, middle aged, menopausal woman can – then so can you.

Source: Get Berkshire Active