Macmillan Move More Programme is launched in Berkshire

Wednesday, 23 Aug 2017


Get Berkshire Active has teamed up with Macmillan Cancer Support to launch a new service to help people with cancer in Berkshire to be more active.


The new service, offered as part of the Macmillan Berkshire Cancer Rehabilitation service, will help people with cancer benefit from the many positive health benefits of physical activity - such as reduced side effects of treatment and improved energy. To help deliver the newly expanded physical activity service, Macmillan Cancer Support has funded two new Macmillan Move More Physical Activity Practitioners, Shirley Jackson and Tessa Higgins.


The new Macmillan Move More Physical Activity Practitioners will be able to spend time doing thorough consultations with patients to put together tailor-made physical activity programmes that are manageable and sustainable. They will also offer ongoing support to patients to ensure they are able to continue being active, supporting their own recovery. The new partnership with Get Berkshire Active means local patients will have access to all the groups, classes and activities available across the county, so that they can find an activity that’s the right level for them e.g. from gardening, joining a walking group, walking football to more traditional gym sessions and group classes.


Macmillan Cancer Support wants to ensure that people living with cancer are supported to become physically active, both before, during and after their treatment. A growing body of evidence shows it can play a vital role in helping to prevent a recurrence, slow disease progression as well as mitigating the side effects and consequences of cancer treatment such as fatigue. Feedback from patients has also shown that physical activity can boost confidence, and allows them to take back some control of their lives following a cancer diagnosis.


New team member Shirley Jackson said “I feel blessed to be joining the team as a Macmillan Move More Physical Activity practitioner in Berkshire. We will be encouraging and supporting local people affected by cancer to be more active and to enjoy physical activity as part of their daily routine. It will be so rewarding to see them experience the many positive physical and emotional benefits of being active, such as confidence-building, increased energy and a reduction in anxiety and depression.”


Tessa Higgins added “I am really looking forward to starting work as a Macmillan Move More Physical Activity practitioner and feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity. It will be fantastic to make a real impact on the long-term health and wellbeing of local people living with cancer, and to help them achieve a better quality of life."

Julian Backhouse, Partnership Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support in Berkshire added “We delighted to welcome Shirley and Tessa to the Macmillan Berkshire Cancer Rehabilitation team. Physical activity is so important for the wellbeing of people with cancer, and we know they are going to do a fantastic job at empowering local people in Berkshire to be more active and get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible.”


The service is available as part of the Macmillan Berkshire Cancer Rehabilitation service which is for people registered with a Berkshire GP, who have completed or are about to complete cancer treatment, or may be on longer term treatment. As well as physical activity, the Macmillan Berkshire Cancer Rehabilitation service offers physical, emotional, practical and psychological support for people living with and beyond cancer - including HOPE (two-day courses to address side effects and ways to live well with cancer), clinical support from a cancer specialist, psychological support and relationship counselling, befriending volunteer services, support groups and benefits advice.


If you are affected by cancer and would like to find out how Macmillan Berkshire Cancer Rehabilitation, and the new physical activity service, can help you - contact the team on 01344 662 909 or email 

You can also find them on Facebook by searching Macmillan Berkshire Cancer Rehabilitation or on Twitter at @MacCanRehab.

Source: Macmillan Cancer Support