The #MovingCan Campaign

Thursday, 28 Jun 2018


“If the effects of exercise could be bottled, it would be the medicine of the century”




During the month of August, we will highlight and explain 31 amazing benefits of physical activity and provide links to where you can discover more. Follow our social media campaign via the #MovingCan logo. 

 Day 1- Launch Day Day 11- Falls Prevention Day 21- Reduces Risk of certain Cancers
 Day 2- Stroke  Day 12- Arthritis  Day 22- Improves Range of Motion
 Day 3- Hypertension Day 13- Improved Sleep Day 23- Brain Function 
 Day 4- Osteoporosis Day 14- Increased Energy Day 24- Dementia 
 Day 5- Diabetes Day 15- Reduced Social Isolation Day 25- Improves Sex Life
 Day 6- Hypercholesterolemia Day 16- Increased Life Expectancy Day 26- Improves Chances of Remaining Independent in Later Life
 Day 7- Back Pain  Day 17- Improved Immune System Day 27- Improves Self-Esteem and Confidence
 Day 8- Depression  Day 18- Reduces Severity/Effects of Asthma Day 28- Helps Combat Poor Lifestyle Choices
 Day 9- Anxiety Day 19- Promotes Healthy Pregnancy Day 29- Improves Educational Performance/Improves Behaviour, attention and attendance at school
Day 10- Stress Day 20- Slows the Ageing Process Day 30- Cost/sickness absence

 Day 31- It's Fun

To find out local information about activities near you click on the images below: 





* The NHS Logo will take you to the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and West Berkshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership. 

Here’s a great resource to get you started: not Tweet/Facebook us stories and pictures of your physical activity during august?  Remember to use #MovingCan. 


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* This campaign is run in conjunction with the Frimley ICS and BOB STP (Berkshire West, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire) NHS Prevention Groups.

Source: Get Berkshire Active